Is Your Business Exposed to Sunlight?

Read about commercial window film in Florence & Sumter, SC

Is your office at the mercy of strong sunlight? Maybe your store is always too hot because of where your windows face. Evening Shade Inc. offers store, restaurant and office window tinting in Florence & Sumter, SC. You'll not only block harmful UV rays - which can lead to skin cancer and property damage - but you can also save money on cooling your space. Your window tint can pay for themselves in savings in just six months.

There's no downside to our commercial window film. Reach out to us now to learn more.

What type of business do you run?

Our commercial window film is a popular option for:

Hospitals - you can protect your patients' privacy while fulfilling HIPAA laws
Offices - we have decorative and transitional options to create professional looks
Storefronts - films reinforce your glass and make break-ins more difficult for thieves
Restaurants - our films reject 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays, keeping your customers cooler in your space
Warehouses - you can keep solar heat, light and UV rays from damaging and fading your inventory

Whether you want restaurant or office window tinting, you'll reap the many benefits of our innovative products.

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